Importance of Wedding dress and Jewellery in Punjabi marriages

May 29, 2018

Importance of Wedding dress and Jewellery in Punjabi marriages

Indian weddings are completely drenched with traditions, customs, and rituals, which attract everyone’s attention. Especially in Punjabi wedding ceremonies, all the rituals that are performed in pre-wedding, wedding and post-wedding will have cultural significance for both brides as well as groom. 

How to Start Investing while You're Still at Your First Job?

May 28, 2018

Most youngsters seek an answer for ‘When is the right time to start investing’, especially when they’ve just started investing. The answer to this question, at any stage of your life, is ‘as early as possible’. You should start investing on your own, right from your first job. So there are some of the common options for best investment which is evergreen such as ideal FD schemes, saving account, gold, PPF etc,

The earlier you start, the sooner you can meet your life goals, which can range from planning to buy your own bike, your high-end laptop, or swanky smartphones, and even your own home.

Check your Liabilities

Once you receive your first salary, you should start calculating your liabilities like rent, telephone bills, grocery bills and other necessary monthly expenses. See how much you are left with. Calculate, how much of your annual salary falls under the taxable income. If your net annual salary is below Rs. 2,50,000, you do not have any taxable income and may not need to worry about investments that may go into tax-saving schemes as of now.

However, if you have any taxable income, you can save up to Rs. 1,50,000, by investing in schemes under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act. These could be Provident Fund, ELSS (equity linked saving schemes), tax saving fixed deposits and unit-linked life insurance products. Bear in mind, while some insurance products have return benefits, term insurances should be treated as insurance products and not as investments that fetch you returns.

Set your Financial Goals

Once, you know, how much you spare monthly, for your investments, the next step is to set your financial goal based on your life goals, which could be short-term and long-term.

Tip: Try and save around 10% of your income to start with. Reduce your expenses, if you cannot save even 10% of your income. Slowly, increase it to the maximum you can afford to invest.

Calculate, how long it will take you to achieve your goal. Depending on your risk capacity, which is directly proportional to your financial goal, choose your investment product wisely.

What Options do you Have?

What’s confusing for first-time investors is the number of choices that one has. The choices can be broken down depending on the periodicity of the goals. Tip: Do not put all your eggs in one basket.

1.       Short-Term: Recurring deposits, fixed deposits (FD) or short-term debt funds should be on your consideration table. You can start with recurring deposits and once you have saved enough, switch over to fixed deposits, switch over to fixed deposits, as they promise assured and high returns. One best option is NBFCs Fixed Deposit, which offers a high-interest rate of 7.85% on FDs. You can use online FD Calculator to check how much you can gain from the interests.

2.       Medium-Term: ELSS, balanced funds, ULIPs are a good option for medium-term goals. ELSS while will help you save taxes, they come with a mandatory three-year lock-in period. You can start with as low as Rs. 500 per month. FDs too can be considered for mid-term investments. They are evergreen and we reiterate they come with assured returns. You can choose from a period of few weeks to 10 years to stay invested in FDs.

3.       Long-Term: It’s your first job. But it’s also the right time to plan for your retirement. So long-term saving instruments like National Pension System (NPS), PPF (Public Provident Fund) and EPF (Employee Provident Fund) are safe bets with assured returns. You can consider equity-linked mutual funds too, which could give you higher returns.

However, be warned that mutual funds are linked to the stock market upheavals; and while they are alluring, they guarantee no returns. You must create a diverse portfolio, which enables you to save smartly and make the most of your investment returns.

Some Misconceptions about Facelift That You Should Stop Believing

May 25, 2018

Some Misconceptions about Facelift That You Should Stop Believing

Older Australian women cannot escape the realities and signs of aging like sagging and maturing skin. However, this does not necessarily mean they cannot do anything about it. There are many ways to stay looking young without having to go under the knife. 

Bob Simonds- Talented and Creative Executives Of STX Entertainment

May 23, 2018

Nowadays, announce the promotion is executive of Röckenwagner to Chief Brand Officer. Bob Simonds STX Entertainment has created a new role as well as she is overseeing aspects of communication marketing for the global STX brand strategic positioning. Of course, the Röckenwagner continue the STX's leadership team with studio film and digital as well as maximizing the brand equity. however, the state of the order including and STX's meteoric growth can more critical ever to elevate your brand globally as well as Patti is one of the best talented and creative executives in the business strategies. In fact, the skillful with entrepreneurialism and deep expertise in media, entertainment, technology, and culture is no limit together. It is collectively brand of accomplished in a truly remarkable and added with Röckenwagner. Of course, it is creating the company brand architecture, to crafting our positioning in China and around the world. If you are looking forward to working with Bob and the smart STX team build with Media Company of the future.

Recently, Röckenwagner most served as Chief Communications Officer at best place of STX. It is vital to play the role of the management team and responsible for using the latest technology of the company's positioning as a global next-generation entertainment company and Chinese markets. Röckenwagner joins the Senior Advisor including the   Fixed Partners is giving the more offers. It is independent investment arm of Advance Publications and Condé Nast. It places an important role of best guidance of the external marketing and go-to-market strategies. She is led to corporate branding and communications for Condé Nast and McGraw Hill Financial for global executive positions. Moreover, the career of Röckenwagner started with more politics working for Senators Ted Kennedy in Washington and determination of Art Torres in Sacramento and Tom Hayden in Los Angeles.

STX Entertainment:

The STX entertainment is one of the best Media Companies across the world. This unlocks mission of value connection have with their fans through the development as well as production, marketing and distribution of film, television, VR, digital video, music and much more. This STX Entertainment Bob Simonds STX Entertainment Chairman and CEO is the leader of transforming beyond traditional platform-driven content to creating talent-driven enterprises and management. This company produced the businessman Robert Simonds is found by the   Bill McGlashan which accepts the partner due to leading global private investment firm TPG.

They are investors include Hony Capital, a leading private equity firm in China in Southeast Asia's depended on largest internet and cable services provider of holding. China is a most leading provider of online products of the global services. It is the largest distribution platform which dominates the Liberty Global Chairman of East West Bank. It is the representation of business interests and also accepting the Gigi Pritzker and her immediate family with former Chairman and CEO of the Wm. Moreover, the Wrigley Jr, company among the more strategic relationships, the company with more uniquely positioned to maximize the content which impacts worldwide.


May 23, 2018

Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act (HIPAA) become a law and requires assurance of patients rights, privacy and security of information. HIPAA privacy became mandatory and the healthcare businesses need to comply with the rules and assure that the regulations are implied.

HIPAA compliance is from whom?

A covered entity under HIPAA includes any person or company that provides medical, dental or any healthcare services that transmit the protected health information of patients electronically. This includes sending prescriptions to pharmacies, bills to insurance companies, emails to patients. Business associates or vendors that create, transmit, receive or store PHI for a covered entity. All the mentioned above should comply with HIPAA.

Steps to be taken for HIPAA compliance:

If you are entitled to HIPAA compliance either as a covered entity or business associate, you are responsible to keep the public health information in utmost safety and security. Certain steps need to be followed for the compliance of HIPAA that are as follows:

1] Develop written privacy policy: A specifically written strategy should be followed for the compliance of HIPAA and before this, you need to be familiar with the details of the security policies and privacy laws.

2] Designating the privacy and security officer: Irrespective of the size of the organization the office who will be responsible for the HIPAA compliance should be appointed.

3] Annual HIPAA risk assessment: A thorough annual risk assessment should be carried out to identify any areas of threat or vulnerabilities. The assessments should be well documented, accurate and comprehensive to identify the underlying threats.

4] Developing information assurance: Policies regarding the electronic transmission of communication of information should be there. This includes email and uses of mobile devices that have access to public health information.

5] Information regarding privacy policy: If you fall into the category of covered entity you are bound to inform and distribute a notice of privacy practices to all patients new or old.

6] Agreement with a business associate: For HIPAA compliance you need to have an agreement with an outside company that will access the public health information.

7] Steps or course of action in case of breach: However even after strict compliance if there is any breach, there should be a clear course of action or steps should be developed and implemented in this situation. Also, there should be a strategy to be followed to determine the extent and timing of breach.

Demonstration of HIPAA compliance:

If your organization is a covered entity it should be able to provide sufficient proof that the employees and yourself are following the rules set for compliance. If there is a breach of the rules or there is mishandling of PHI or disclosed, the investigation is to carry out to determine the penalty or the need to arrive at a settlement plan that will cover the required corrective action plan. It is required to prove that in writing that the organization has conducted HIPAA risk assessment and also trained the employees about the rules, policies, and procedures for protecting PHI.

Sisal Rug to Add Mesmerizing Elegancy in Your Home

May 21, 2018

It is always good to love your home and you may have done a lot to furnish it, but when it comes to style and strength in flooring there is only option which can beat all the other floor coverings; and the name is “Sisal Rug”. Yes, this is the aspect that comes with tight construction, intricate woven designs and natural tonal hues, which result make it ultimate decorative carpeting solution and also adding beauty with style to your home.

Rugs and carpets are basically an option that allows you to pick out a different tone or color and effectively re-frame the entire room around a single exquisite piece. Not only this, but there is a range of reasons which attracts you towards such rug:

It Set a Strong Foundation

This is the approach which has the capability to lay the perfect foundation for any space; and can be a statement to add comfort underfoot with added durability in your living place.

 It Won’t Clash  

These rugs are great not only because they are neutral but they will compliment most styles once added to any space. This means such rugs won’t clash with any issue and are well suited to every home.   

Good for High Traffic

When there is need to add depth and dimension to a room Sisal Rug can definitely be the perfect texture actually. And one of the best and important, they are low maintenance and therefore the perfect fit for a high traffic room. As well as good for pets and young children because such rugs can pretty much withstand anything.


They will fit into almost any design style whether it is traditional, modern or contemporary; which means no other such synthetic rug simply can’t beat the versatility of a sisal rug. In short, this is the option that perfectly gives the room setting a designer-quality with a polished look.

Design Flexibility

Such rug has natural color variations that allow it to perfectly match well with both warm and cool color schemes. As well as allows other important design elements such as furniture or art to take center stage even in a formal living room

Customized Flooring

Sisal rugs look good with anything whether is used in houses with both modern and traditional décor; if truth be told, they’re a good staple.

Create Comfort

Once you have decided to expand your interior design you can add anything you love but when it comes to comfort rugs woven with sisal fiber they will be the comfortable and pretty one for your home.

In point of fact, there are numerous uses of sisal rugs as it gives your living or working space a modern, natural, eco-friendly and designed look easily. And if you too are designing your home then it will definitely be the perfect choice; Simply just come to Floor Space a leading floor covering and carpet provider and give a luminous and eye catching view to your home!  

Incorrect Handling of Medical Supplies Could Lead to Health Risks

May 18, 2018

Not all people are aware of the fact that workers who are responsible for providing healthcare services to the people—doctors, nurses, other medical professionals and staff—face a lot of hazards in their own workplaces. For the most part, healthcare workers often struggle to keep up with the demands of their job, which is to make sure that they tend to their patients in providing them the care and treatment they direly need, especially in urgent situations. However, they get exposed to a lot of injuries and illnesses, making the healthcare industry one of the most vulnerable among private industries in the U.S. because of the inherent dangers of working in such conditions.

One of the inherent dangers that are commonly associated with the healthcare industry is the use of equipment and supplies found in hospitals, clinics, and other facilities. Obviously, they range from simple scalpels, needles, stethoscopes, thermometers, and other tools to sophisticated apparatuses such as x-ray machines, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and computed axial tomography (CAT) scanners, and other machines. With these pieces of equipment, doctors, nurses, and other professionals are able to diagnose, treat, and care for their patients with great ease and efficiency.

Unfortunately, handling them has risks involved. Without any hygienic actions involved after usage of common hospital equipment and supplies for patient diagnosis or treatment such as sterilization and hand washing, workers may very well contract bacteria and viruses that could causes a variety of illnesses. The risk of contracting diseases increases further when workers are exposed to blood-borne pathogens, which are germs that live in human blood, found in used scalpels, needles, and other sharps that were used in highly-invasive procedures, from simple drawing of blood to complicated surgical procedures.

Given the risk of handling sharps, it is a requirement among medical facilities in Australia to have protocols in disposing them. Sharps disposal plays a crucial part in keeping workplaces safe. Additionally, proper disposal of sharps dramatically reduces chances of people getting infectious diseases from accidentally handling such objects. This is why many experts suggest retaining the services of health and safety outsourcing professionals who know how to properly handle such situation.

Injuries caused by handling and disposing of needles and other medical sharps, as well as exposure of blood and other bodily fluids to mucous membranes such as the mouth, eyes, nose, put workers highly at risk of suffering from diseases brought about by blood-borne pathogens. These diseases include the following:

·         HIV, or human immunodeficiency virus, which causes AIDS
·         Hepatitis B and C viruses, which causes liver damage and other infections

Lack of hygiene may also result in workers, as well as patients, to contract other illnesses due to the bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other microorganisms present in other hospital equipment. These are nosocomial infections or commonly known as hospital-acquired infections. These are pneumonia, urinary tract infection, gastroenteritis, and other types of fever and respiratory infections. Sharps disposal is very important in the hospital and healthcare setting because it prevents spreading of contagious and infectious diseases caused by improper handling of sharps.

Australian healthcare workers, even though they are exposed to these risks of infections, are capable of controlling them. They can prevent themselves from suffering cuts and other injuries, as well as avoid exposure to sharps and other hospital equipment, by following certain standard procedures before, during, and after patient care. Hospitals and other medical facilities must have programs in place for handling sharps and other equipment, as well as hygienic procedures to ensure that all areas and equipment are properly cleaned, and of course consultation with health and safety outsourcing companies. All in all, proper handling and disposal of used sharps can assure the health of each and every healthcare worker in the country.

How the CMS Works?

May 17, 2018

How the CMS Works

Businesses now a day gives top emphasis on content management system or CMS. As the name suggests CMS work like it contains content to be managed, save and customized all the contents to able to make content more secure and user-friendly.

Top 5 follow-ups to land a good project management job

May 16, 2018

Whether it is a construction company, marketing, or IT firm, all of them require managing the projects of company from start to finish. And for this need, they have to hire a project manager which makes sure to deliver the projects on time and within budget. They plan and organize resources and people.  If you are a fresh graduate and looking forward to building a meaningful career in this field, then you may begin your career as a junior or assistant. When it comes to having the progressive career, you will need the right combination of qualifications, skills, and experience. To get into this competitive field, you have to work on some important things such your skills. If you want to get hired quickly, then you can prepare by relying on the below-written follow-ups.

¯ How to get started

When you want to get into this career, it is quite obvious that you might have all the necessary strong organizational skills and natural leadership abilities. But if you lack some skills, then you should work on them so that you can have the clear way to reach your destination. To improve your skills, take the help of the internet and get advice and watch some online tutorials.

¯ Work on some projects to get the informal experience

A person cannot become a project manager by just thinking about it. You will require working on some projects by yourself. If you have a question where you will find the projects to manage, you can find them all over the place. By doing a project every day, you will start enjoying the work and become ready to apply for the jobs.

¯ Learn the right use of  tools for the project management

For a successful career in this particular field, it is important to learn the proper use of the tools. Soft skills can only help you to land the job but can’t take you far enough in this field. You are going to need the technical skills as well because you will require budgeting, scheduling, and many others. Here are some other important skills you are going to need in this job.

  • Communication
  • Planning
  • Scheduling
  • Risk Management
  • Contract management
¯ Earn Certification

If you have a project management certification, then it will become easy for you to enter this community. There are many certifications that you can choose to pursue in this field.

¯ Look out for the better opportunities

Once you have the requisite things to become a project manager, it is the time to find all the available opportunities to grab the best-suited one.  For finding the good opportunities, you can rely on several sources. The leading online job portals such as Monster India, Shine, and Indeed etc. can be the best source for your needs. To find the vacancies for Project Manager Jobs in this online platform, you have to create your profile by providing some requisite details and upload an updated resume.

All these above-mentioned tips will make you land a good job as soon as possible and without any hassle. So, don’t wait for more, begin your search today!

Author Bio:
Kajal Tyagi is a passionate content marketer who writes on job search strategy, career trends, interview tips, and helps job seekers find better job opportunities. In her free time, she loves to read and explore the world.


May 15, 2018

An excellent website demands a lot of efforts and creativity. For designing a user-friendly website, one needs to have sound knowledge of its concept. There are billions of websites on the internet. So, it is important to design a website which looks different from the others. Here in this article, there are some guidelines which would be beneficial in designing a great website.

1.  Don't forget the content

Write the content on your website in a way which a visitors love to read. So, always try to engage the visitors because it increases the bounce rate of your website. Make sure that the content on your website is unique and of high quality that makes the visiting worth.

2.  Write your own code

Whether it's HTML or PHP, nothing beats writing your code from scratch. If you design a website by using templates or pre-defined scripts, it will create a problem when something wrong will happen on your website. Code your own to get the full control over how they look and act.

3.  Check your website for errors

Check your website on regular basis for the typos, broken links and images which do not load correctly.

4.  Develop for multiple browsers

Open your website in multiple browsers to make sure that everything appears correctly.  The website looks different in different browsers. So, make it compatible.

5.  Make your website responsive

People will access your website using a variety of devices such as smartphones, desktop etc. Therefore, it is important that your website displays correctly in different screen sizes. Cascading style sheet and bootstrap are the great way to design a responsive website.

6.  Colors are crucial

Don’t use too many colors. The “keep it simple”-principle (KIS) should be the primary goal of site design. A user rarely stays on your site to enjoy the design rather they look for the information.

7.  Consistency is key

Your visitors shouldn't feel that they are visiting a new website each time they open a new page on your site. Consistent design across the pages within your site makes navigation a much easier task.

8.  Navigation should be intuitive

Organize your web page in an effective way. Your navigation should be properly placed.  Use drop-down menu for subcategories.

9.  Design is paramount

Give priority to your design because “Everything is designed but few things are designed well.”  The overall look and feel of your website is the first thing that a visitor notices.

When you meet someone for the first time, you want to make a good first impression. The same should be true for your website.

10. Simple is beautiful

Keep your web pages simple. Don’t add too many things because it frustrates a user.

So, these are some of the guidelines which one should keep in mind before going to design any website.

There are various career opportunities in this field. All you need to do is to find such openings. There are various job portals from which you can use to take help to complete your job search. In this regard, Monster Philippines would be a great option. It is a leading job portal in the Philippines which connect job seekers with relevant jobs to build a meaningful career.

Author Bio:
Pragyan Prabha is a professional content writer who loves to pen down her views on a number of topics that interest a reader. She covers various facets in her article which include resume writing tips, job search advices, career advices, current trends in job search etc.

What Do You Need to Visit Dubai?

May 15, 2018

Do Australians need visa to visit Dubai? And the answer is, yes! You need to apply for your visa if you are planning to visit Dubai. The type of visa you would need to visit Dubai will depend upon your purpose of visit, your nationality and how long you are going to stay there.

Manage the Communication with Hiring Professional Public Relation Agency

May 14, 2018

 Manage the Communication with Hiring Professional Public Relation Agency

Do you want assistance in getting your offers reach prospective buyers? Hire a reliable public relation agency that will work for you in your promotional companies. Hence, when you do not possess the actual desire or skills for it, you must no expect that your growth is the best in your market.

Online Accounting: Get the Best Software

May 10, 2018

For any business, it is important to know if same is growing as expected and steps taken by the management or not. There are various parameters for different businesses that can help the management see if the desired results are achieved

The Classes that can Shape Your Career

May 09, 2018

The Classes that can Shape Your Career

Trading in the stock market is not only an art but also science. There are calculations and probabilities which perform a major role in the movement of share prices and hence it is much necessary to develop complete insight of the market before going for trading. 

Is Eating Egg is Safe During Pregnancy?

May 09, 2018

Eggs are the great source of protein along with vitamins and minerals. It is also rich in vitamin B12 along with riboflavin and choline. If you are eating eggs in your pregnancy then you should follow some great measures that will help you in taking this food safely.

The Best SMS Service for Better Parental Communication

May 08, 2018

The present school gives utmost importance to the communication between teacher or school with the parents. Parents along with teachers play a good role in the developing the students to excellent citizens of the country. 

Top 5 Best Home Remedies to Get Rid of Dry Scalp

May 08, 2018

Are you annoyed with your itchy and dry scalp? Is organic dandruff shampoo not helping at all? Then, you can follow certain home remedies that can give you the effective result. Dry scalp is too much irritating as it causes itching and finally, dandruff. 

Overview and Analysis of Video Conferencing

May 05, 2018

Modern options offered by technology proves much important to the users as they can help one save time and cost associated with the use of other options. There was a time when one had to run to various cities for different business deals but with the help of video conferencing making of such deals is made easy than ever before. 

Want to Have a Perfect Hair Every Day? Follow Some Basic Rules and Get it Easily

May 05, 2018

Every people want a perfect hairstyle and look at every time and every occasion. It is also very necessary to be perfect at any time whether you are at home, office or at any party. Many people think that applying a perfect haircut and keep it clean is enough for maintaining purpose. But the fact is that it is not enough for getting a perfect look. In this article, you will get some professional tips for you to make you look best.
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