Importance of Wedding dress and Jewellery in Punjabi marriages

Importance of Wedding dress and Jewellery in Punjabi marriages

Indian weddings are completely drenched with traditions, customs, and rituals, which attract everyone’s attention. Especially in Punjabi wedding ceremonies, all the rituals that are performed in pre-wedding, wedding and post-wedding will have cultural significance for both brides as well as groom. 

Punjabi marriages are fun-filled with gorgeous ladies in an amazing collection of colors that range from designer lehangas to traditional Punjabi suits which are heavily embroidered. Punjabi bride’s dress has more significance along with her bridal jewelry, bangles, and kalire which are the most important things in the wedding ceremony from pre-wedding till post-wedding.

Punjabi wedding bridal attire and jewelry

Wedding dresses of Sikh brides are heavily embroidered and look gorgeous, so as to make the bride look special on the marriage day along with the other ceremonies. A marriage is a beginning of new life in the in-law's house and leaving the mother’s place, which is entirely a new phase in every Indian bride’s life. To be special in this occasion Punjabi brides select gorgeous and eye-catching dresses along with the jewelry that matches them. So let's look the importance of each in the Sikh wedding in brief.

1.        Punjabi bridal dress

Punjabi bridal dresses are famous as they are heavily embroidered to give an attractive look to the bride. The bridal dresses can be either traditional lehenga choli or a salwar kameez, as per the selection and convenience of bride. Sarees are also worn but it is in rare cases, the most important is given to lehenga choli. Any bridal dress, but they should be in red color as it signifies success along with auspiciousness in the new bride’s life.

2.        Dupatta

Dupatta is the most important in the marriage ceremony, either the dress may lehenga or Punjabi suit or even saree, but dupatta must accompany it. Dupatta should be worn in the wedding ceremony by the bride in such a way that it covers her shoulders along with hair. This is also designed in red color with simple embroidery on it.

3.        Jewelry

Rani haar is the most important one among the jewelry worn by the bride on her special day. This is heavy, long necklace made of gold and gives the bride a complete look when worn on her bridal dress.

4.        Ring

Punjabi bride needs to wear the engagement ring after the engagement ceremony and should be present in her hand even on the wedding day. This ring can be removed after wedding ceremonies are completed and can wear a simple one.

5.        Maang Tikka

Mang Tikka is the most important jewelry in Punjabi weddings, this showcase the importance of sindoor worn on the forehead. In these days there are various designs from simple to heavy stonework tikkas are available.

6.        Bangles

Bangles along with kalire are the most important in the Punjabi weddings, the ivory bangles are considered to bring prosperity to the young couple. These are gifted by the maternal uncle of the bride.

All the above mentioned are the important things in Punjabi marriage and are said to bring prosperity, health and wealth in the life of a newly married couple.

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