Overview and Analysis of Video Conferencing

Modern options offered by technology proves much important to the users as they can help one save time and cost associated with the use of other options. There was a time when one had to run to various cities for different business deals but with the help of video conferencing making of such deals is made easy than ever before. 

Video conferencing facilitates transmission of still images and text between two sites besides high-quality audio and transmission of full-motion video between multiple locations. It is also conduction of a conference between two or more people at different locations by using computer networks to transmit the data of video and audio.
 For instance, two people (a point-to-point) video conferencing systems operate much similar to a video telephone. The participants have microphone, speakers, video camera mounted on or his computer. When the participants start speaking their voices pass over the network and are delivered to the other’s speakers. Moreover, the images that come in front of the camera appear in a window on the monitor of the other participant.
In a multiple point video conferencing three or more people sit in a conference room and commune with each other as if they were sitting next to each other. In mid 90’s video meeting was expensive due to hardware costs. Now more and more companies and individual have adopted it. Videoconferencing has become common computer equipment as the users afford it easily. Cisco Multi Party Video Routing is an example of videoconferencing system.

Cisco Telepresence

Cisco video conferencing has waived off boundaries and provided far away collaboration. Meeting room experience is recreated by Cisco Telepresence because you can see and hear your globally dispersed teams without any cost and travel hassle. Cisco videoconferencing notably improves the effectiveness and availability of your team.
Over a reliable internet protocol network, telepresence gives high definition and high-quality audio-video meeting. Altogether different to traditional conferencing, it will look and sound as if everything is happening in a natural way in a single room. You can use tools you know for example groupware, a telephone interface (IBM Lotus Notes or Microsoft Outlook).

Working of CiscoTelepresence

By using familiar video conferencing groupware tools, anyone can schedule a Telepresence session.
At the time of the meeting, all attendees sit around a semicircular table in a room equipped for video conferencing. Cisco Telepresence systems are integrated with Cisco unified call manager by which you can start meeting just with a push of the button.
Participants sit directly across from high-resolution cameras, large plasma monitors, and microphones. On the monitor's life-sized, realistic representations of the participants who are far away are displayed. Participants could be anywhere in the world or the same town. Thus, Cisco Video Conferencing Solutions provide and promote affordable and easy useable technology.
In the immersive Telepresence, participants develop a sense of comradeship or companionship. With the help of video meeting sessions and telephone misunderstandings because of language, culture occurs less frequently. Consequently, organizations can cope up with competitions and decision-making very easily.

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