What Do You Need to Visit Dubai?

Do Australians need visa to visit Dubai? And the answer is, yes! You need to apply for your visa if you are planning to visit Dubai. The type of visa you would need to visit Dubai will depend upon your purpose of visit, your nationality and how long you are going to stay there.

 If you are lucky to be an Australian citizen, then you can have your visa issued for 30 days from the date of entry. There are specific norms you need to follow once you have your Australian visitor visa. You can get it done only if you have a normal passport valid for next 6 months.

How long the visa is valid?

You can comfortably move in and out of the country on a single visa which is valid for 30 days. Under this validity of 30 days you can have the option to live either inside or outside UAE. In case of being an Australian citizen you don’t need prior visa  to visit Dubai. You can simply go to the place and get your visa done there on arrival.

Remember the Rules!

After taking a flight from Australia you will land at Abu Dhabi International Airport and from there you can proceed for immigration. Without any extra cost you can get your visa stamped for 30 days. In case if you plan to extend your stay in Dubai, you will have to pay extra charges for extension process. You have to get yourself enlisted in the specific visa list otherwise you will get no help from Australian grounds regarding your UAE visa. It takes at least 7 days for visa to get ready and you can approach any agency in Dubai who provides visa from Australian destination.

Are you in a Hurry?

If you are in emergency, you can immediately apply for tourist visa for Australia. You will need to arrange for the Emirates visa documents which you can obtain from any of the authorized vendors I Dubai at minimum cost. Norms are mentioned at the back of your UAE visa and these norms vary according to your intent to stay in Dubai. You can apply for any visa type under several visa categories according to your needs. You can also apply for a TransitA visa valid for 14 days. These are single entry visas and you can immediately apply for second visa once you leave the country.

Different visa types

You can also apply for Transit b visa which is valid for 30 days. It allows one time entry and you will have to reissue them before next entry. You will need these visas in case you are migrating from Australia to UAE. Then there is Tourist Visa A which comes with a validity of 14 days and it can be used during emergencies. It also allows single entry and exit from the country and you cannot get your second visa before 30 days of exit. Finally, there is a Tourist Visa B which comes with a validity of 60 days and allow one time entry into the country

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