Benefits of Blockchain Transaction Singapore

The blockchain is more or less a virtual public ledger capable of recording every transaction transparently and securely. Banks use the traditional currencies to facilitate transactions, while blockchain uses a decentralized environment in permitting the free transfer of cryptocurrency.  The system then holds all the data in an interlinked network of computers; the end users run these computers. 

Many people see more promise in blockchain than cryptocurrency, though blockchain was designed to support latter.  The primary factor behind the sudden growth of bitcoin is nothing other than sentiment, which is why many think the popularity may give way with time. It looks unlikely, but it is a possibility.

In this write-up, you will be given a couple of the benefits of blockchain transactions. The benefits are giving the assurance that blockchain can successfully maintain its relevance for several generations to come.

Supply chain management

The blockchain technology provides the benefits of cost0-effectiveness and traceability, which makes it applicable to the supply chain management.  You can use a blockchain for tracking the quantity, origin, and identity of goods. Consequently, the B2B system has for itself a new level of transparency if it integrates blockchain technology. With blockchain technology, payments, production process assurance, ownership transfer and several other business processes can be simplified.

Quality assurance

A blockchain system can guide the business owner to the point of any irregularity in the supply chain. As a result, businesses can carry out investigations towards executing the required actions to correct that supply chain problem. In the food sector, for example, safety and quality assurance can be improved by tracking several essential details about the food, like its batch information and origination; the blockchain technology will prove to be reliable in this regard.


Data tampering, loss or human error can be eliminated via the blockchain technology since the technology records every transaction for future reference. As records are transferred from one blockchain node to another, they are appropriately verified each time to ensure authenticity and originality. Consequently, the accuracy of the records is guaranteed in blockchain technology.  The audit trail will also be traceable in the process.

Blockchain technology makes accounting process highly efficient on a fundamental level. As a result, companies will only need one joint register in place of separate records.  Furthermore, blockchain technology introduces integrity to the financial information of a company.


FidentiaX is one of the outstanding organizations championing the course of blockchain transaction Singapore. They are interested in creating a repository of insurance policies and a trading marketplace where the masses can leverage blockchain technology to sell and buy insurance policies.
On this platform, individuals seeking to surrender their insurance policies, grow their investments or keep track of their policies online can do so using the blockchain technology.   

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