How To Choose A Surgeon

In case if you have decided to think that knee replacement surgery would be the best option. It would help to get rid of the pain and discomfort of the knees. You would need to choose a knee surgeon for this purpose. You need to choose the right surgeon as far as the reduction of the pain along with the recovery as well. Let us now explore some of the key pointers in this regard

Have a one on one discussion with your primary doctor

More often than not your primary doctor would be aware of the top knee surgeons in India. Just ask them to recommend a few names. Then you can go on to make a decision based on your budget and requirements as well.

Discuss with your friends and family

Do discuss with your friends about the local surgeon they had gone on to consult when they had a problem. In this manner, you can gain an insight about the quality of the surgeon as well.


Do review the education along with the degrees. This would be about the surgeon that you are planning to choose. Just explore the areas and find out whether they have had any board certification or not to start off.


What is the amount of time the surgeon has been practicing? Which are the disciplines they have gone to specialize in as well? What is the number of knee surgeries which they undertake each year? All this goes on to showcase the experience along with the skill sets of the surgeon.

You can go on to check the track record of the surgeon online as well. Do check the discipline record of the doctor to find out whether they are eligible for practice or not.

Other points to consider

Before you go on to choose the best orthopedic hospital in India there are a host of questions that you need to be prepared. Just keep a list of questions ready with you. Ideally, you should not shy away from any questions that you need to pose to the surgeon. If they are a good surgeon they will give you the necessary time and answer all the questions in a patient manner. They make sure that you do understand the risks along with the complications associated with a surgery

If they are a good surgeon they would have no qualms in you asking for a second opinion. They fully understand the positives of this and this would help you with surgical procedures as well. Ideally, it would be better if you take the opinion of a surgeon who works in a different hospital.

Any surgery which you are planning to go for is a life-changing decision. You would need to be aware of the pros along with cons of the surgery. The surgeon will try to figure out whether you intend to comply with the postoperative measures. Then only you are a candidate for the surgery.

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