The Cost Revolving Around Commercial Epoxy Flooring

If you know the right place, then commercial epoxy flooring can prove to be quite cost-effective in every way possible. It offers durable solutions for multiple facilities in commercial, industrial or institutional sectors. Covering an industrial floor is not that easy as the coating must be widespread. But, it is really mandatory for buyers to learn more about the cost beforehand. Unless you are sure of the price, you cannot pre-set a budget.

The Basic Cost Division:

The cost associated with the labor and materials for simple installations can always start from a couple of dollars, designed per square foot versions. These items are subject to fall into double digits too when repaired or when special functions are added. For incorporating designs or aesthetics, the cost is subject to differ a bit and can increase too. It is important for the facility managers to get at least two of three costs handy before actually starting with the commercial epoxy flooring.

However, be extremely careful while choosing a builder. Some people might charge you less than the benchmark. If so, then they might be applying some shortcuts in quantity or quality of coating materials, installation processor proper concrete based substrate preparation and testing. This might lead to some added expenses later on when you have to change the quality to another one.

For the Typical Cost Division:

There are primarily three categories associated with commercial epoxy flooring. The most expensive ones are the 100% solid form of epoxy coatings. These are used by professionals and designed for commercial floors. Other than that, there is water and solvent based ones available too, which holds around 40 to 60% of epoxy in them. The water based ones are thinner and quite easy to apply. However, the solvent based coating is more durable than this one. It is thicker and designed to cover flooring imperfections.

The costing of commercial epoxy flooring can be around $30 to $50 a gallon for the water based solution and around $45 to $150 for the solvent based ones. The thicker coats require more gallons for coverage.

In terms of the installation fees, the prices are subject to change based on the type and the number of coats that have been used for covering tha place. The price further depends on the application method, such as sprayer, roller, trowel or squeegee. It will cost you around $3 to $12 per square feet, $750 to $3000 for garage of one car and more for two car garages like $1200 to $6000. You need to get the economic strategy straight, before even worrying about the choice to be made over here.

Discounts for The Large Sized Projects:

Some companies offering commercial epoxy flooring ensure to offer deep discounts to those projects, covering large sized commercial grounds. As maximum amount of coating materials is required to cover the job, therefore; discounts are subject to change as well. Covering larger projects mean you have to be prepared for investing lot of money. Well, when you have the discounts by your side, you can even save money on large sized projects.

Adding A Metallic Touch:

You might have to invest few pennies more oncommercial epoxy flooring when you are planning for a bar, restaurant or office area with exceptional looks. In such a case, you you can try out the commercial metallic epoxy coating services. The prices will start as low as $5 per square foot, and with some discounts in some cases.

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