Things to Consider Before Putting Up Used Garbage Trucks For Sale

Are you thinking of selling one form your garbage truck fleet? A garbage hauler might decide to sell a truck for many reasons- it is getting very old, the maintenance costs are going up, or simply because your business can do just as fine with one less truck. Whatever your reason be, there are some factors that you should consider before putting one of your used garbage trucks for sale. This list will help you decide which one of your trucks you should sell-
  1. The right truck to sell- Most haulers automatically choose their oldest truck to sell, just because of its age. You might think that selling your oldest truck is logical, but buyers would not be interested in a truck that is 10 or 12 years old and has a lot of miles, even if it is still in top condition. They are worried about maintenance and automatically assume an old truck to be bad investment. Even if you get a buyer for a truck that is more than 10 years old, the offer they make would be next to nothing.If you have a very old garbage truck which is still good for business,it will be more profitable to keep it than to sell it. Selling a truck which is a year or two old is another mistake that can cost you a lot. A garbage truck, like any other vehicle loses considerable value as soon you drive it for the very first time. Although the truck is as good as new at a year or two old, its value is significantly less. If you sell such a truck, you would not have any profits. The maintenance costs of garbage trucks go up after about 4 years. Along with regular maintenance, there are specific parts that need vital repairs and changing. A truck between 4 to 7 years is not driven so much that it would not find any buyers. You can get the perfect value out of it if it is in good condition.
  2. Which truck to sell- If your fleet consists of different types of garbage trucks, find out which trucks buyers are looking for the most currently. Then you can decide whether your trucks of the particular types are good to sell. This way, you can get the best possible price for your truck.
  3. Dealer or Buyer- Most sellers are confused whether to sell directly to a buyer or to a dealer. If your truck is attracting big money from a private buyer, there is no problem in selling it. But, if your truck has external or internal damages, a dealer would be your best choice. A reliable dealer will give you the best price for your truck, according to its condition. Along with this, they pick up the truck from your garage and take care of the paperwork, taking away all your worries.
Keep this list in mind when you decide to sell one of your garbage trucks to get the best value for it.

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