Top 5 Lakeside Camping Sites For Summer

With summer fast approaching and the weather turning warm, you want to find areas with water so you can cool off. As you travel across the country in a motorhome rental, you certainly should take some time to spend a few days of fun splashing around. If you are a parent and plan to travel with your family, you can be sure that your kids will love to visit lakes, ponds, or the ocean.

There are some beautiful coastal cities that are worth visiting, but a unique idea that you may enjoy is visiting lakes in your motorhome rental. Oftentimes, you can find campgrounds near lakes, which provides you with a place to stay that allows you to have close proximity to the water.

The U.S. is extremely RV friendly, so you’ll never be left without a park to camp at, if you don’t mind spending fairly priced fees on the way. As you plan your trip, consider visiting at least one or more of the following lakeside camping sites:

1.Indian Lake State Park Campground, Lakeview, OH

The Indian Lake State Park Campground is a fun place to visit for those who like to do activities on the water. Whether you want to go boating or jet-skiing, the lake provide you with the opportunities. If you are traveling with your family and simply want to go swimming at the shore, you can do that as well. There are beautiful trees all over the campground that provide shade, as well as accessibility for wheelchairs around the park, pets are allowed, and a friendly environment. It’s a great spot to visit, if you’re already going to the area.

2. Crater Lake National Park, OR

A national park that may not be as well-known as some other areas, Crater Lake National Park is a gorgeous area that will make anybody who is a hiker or biker happy. If you love good views, fresh air, and nature, you can be sure that Crater Lake National Park will be a rewarding experience. You’ll want to reserve one of the campsites at Crater Lake National Park to ensure that you get a place before your trip. You won’t regret the fee you’ll have to pay to stay there—the views are worth it. Whether you go in the winter or summer, you’ll be sure to admire the crystalline waters, the snow-peaked mountains, and the pine forest.

3. Curlew Lake State Park, WA

Curlew Lake is another lovely area that you’ll enjoy visiting if you want to be around water. Not only is it a great spot for enjoying nature, but there are some interesting historical sites nearby. For example, there is the Ranald MacDonald grave and the Stone Rose digging site that you can visit, if you happen to appreciate archeology and history. If you enjoy fishing, there is plenty of opportunity for you to catch bass or yellow perch, just to name a couple of the fish species found in Curlew Lake.

4. Lake McConaughy, Nebraska

Definitely worth a visit if you’re in Nebraska, this lakeside area will be the ideal place to relax and take in views while road tripping around the country. The area has great opportunities, where you can expect facilities with electricity, picnic tables, fish cleaning stations, rental boats, and dump stations, so you can have a comfortable experience while enjoying all that Lake McConaughy has to offer. Many people who visit the area are fishing enthusiasts, as well as people who enjoy leisurely sailing.

5. Dreher Island State Park, SC

There is a lakeside area that you’ll want to visit when in South Carolina if fishing is what you live for. Large-mouth bass is a common catch in the area, and the area is well-known for the many fishing tournaments that take place at Dreher Island State Park. The area has paved campsites for you to be able to park your RV and you can expect a great lakefront experience when camping. Don’t be surprised if you get to see some deer near your RV or observe other wildlife in the area. It’s all part of the charm of Dreher Island State Park.

As you plan your trip, don’t hesitate to look for campsites near the water. If you are already going to stay at campgrounds, you might as well choose one with a view. Plus, many of the lakeside parks offer a plethora of water activities that will add to your experience.

The above places are just a few of the most eye-catching lake campsites in the country, but rest assured that there are many more to choose from. As you explore in a motorhome rental, take the opportunity to visit some of the most gorgeous destinations in the U.S. Which one of the campsites above catches your eye? Whether you love hiking or fishing, there is something for everyone.

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