Facts About a Heart Valve Surgery

Facts About a Heart Valve Surgery

With each passing year the number of patients who go on to receive heart valve surgery is on the rise. Because of aortic stenosis, patients may need this form of surgery. You could go on to term it as a condition where you aortic valve tends to narrow down. 

The effective flow of blood to the various parts of the body does go on to take a beating as well. what it would mean that it could lead to a situation of congestive heart failure and in some cases death as well.

To tackle the problems of such patients open heart surgery does present to be a welcome option. But for someone who has gone on to do the surgery in the recent past it cannot be an option for sure. It does work out to be a less invasive procedure and is presented to the patients as well. To a catheter the doctor goes on to mount a valve and then you do go on to insert it in the groin or chest of a patient. You are going to thread it towards the valve as well. During the course of the procedure you would need not stop the heart. On a bypass lung machine you can place the heart and it means that the weak patients can go on to withstand this procedure. If you do not work on the procedure of valve replacement the life expectancy of a patient does reduce by 5 years or less.

As far as the surgery is concerned you can go on to perform it in a couple of ways. The surgeon is going to take out the entire valve and then replicate it with an artificial one. In case of mitral valves they can be repaired if you want them to be. In case of aortic valves you would need to replace them with artificial ones. The moment the doctor along with the patient have gone on to decide that surgery works out to be the best option. Then the question comes to the fore on what is the type of valve you would need to consider for the procedure. When it is a mechanical valve it is made from plastic or carbon. They are strong in stature and will serve you for a lifetime. As far as the biological valves are concerned it is made from the tissue of plants or animals. They could be made from pig or cow tissues.

When any form of surgery occurs you do expect some form of complications as well. All these problems have one source which is the type of artificial valve that is being used. Though the difference in terms of the valves used between uses among the patients is on the lesser side. It would be obvious on the part of surgeons to prefer one over the other because of the manner you go on to sew it. Do opt for the valve replacement cost in India because you will make a lot of savings.

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