Indians and Their Passion for Travelling

Indians and Their Passion for Travelling

Travelers and India

India is the land of diversified terrain and natural beauty. From ages India had many traveler from all around the world. From Fa-Hien, Megasthenes to Alexander the great everybody travelled to India just behold this amount of natural beauty and also to conquer India and rule. This was all because of the diversified and sheer beauty of the country. 

So history is also evident of its natural prosperity. Not only the travelling, the resource and also the prosperity of the natural resource of India is also very much attractive, which attracted these famous personalities from the history to come to India. Apart from them this is also the soul reason for the Mughals and the Britisher to rule India for long time. And this craze for travelling continues till date. Not only have the peoples of the country, peoples from all around the globe come to see this heavy amount of natural beauty. So we as an Indian this craze shown by the other peoples should be something to be very proud of and also as an Indian it is our prime responsibility to keep this natural beauty as long as possible and also protect it if anybody tries to harm it.

Solving the problem of employment

India also possess the largest railway network in the world. Indian railways and the trains that travel for the Indian Railways carries millions of people on a daily basis. Not only connecting each and every place almost each and every small regions within the state is also connected by the Indian Railways. The passengers uses it for a vast array of reason from sufficing their day to day need and also for sufficing their passion for travelling. 

Thousands of trains move around the country on a daily basis to serve the people. It is also one of the very cheapest method of travelling it India so from that we can also say that it is also taking care of the economic backwardness of the country. Indian Railway is a government body controlled the Indian government or the Central government. So for running this huge institution a huge number of peoples are also are also involved. Thus it is also providing employment facilities to the Indian people in a huge way. And this is one of the best thing for the country as Indian railways along with all of its amenities are solving the problem of employment in India. And thus for that it is also running the largest employment institution in India.


Indian railway has got every possible properties that a traveler will need during their travel through the train. From food to water and many other characteristics they are helping the passengers with a lot of responsibility and grace.

Online Apps

Food is one of the important aspect of the Indian Railways. Although it was earlier reported that the food quality has been decreased. However presently the situation is very much opposite as the passengers are getting good food and also clean and treated water. Even there are many online apps with which the passengers can order food from train so that they can get their desired thing as they want.


It is our prime duty to keep the atmosphere of the train good as not only the Indians many foreign people also travel through the train to experience this great facility.

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