Best Scotch Whisky & Rum Brands in India

Best Scotch Whisky & Rum Brands in India

Scotch is a very distilled beverage for the mode of various tasty items from the barley with more gains and oak barrels in Scotland place. In India statistics shows the nation for different whisky for the drinkers to enjoy their fun at weekends for the consumers more than half of the globally sold with minimum bottle indicates with a minimum age of the whisky in the bottle. 

If you are looking to a relaxed weekend on chilling stones of rocks with sippers from various tastes. There are massive for a winter night with friends of spine-chilling with rum and whisky. Choose the perfect bottle with topmost brands and enjoy your fun.

Old Pulteney 12

The bets Scotch which is described at highland malt with the maritime influence. The Old Pulteney 12 is most famous for scotch which is mostly at distilleries in the mainland. The youngsters will often drink and enjoy at midnight choose the right place at ‘maritime malt.’

Monkey Shoulder Triple Malt

Nowadays it is widespread to drink. And ladies are also taking part with a super smooth ride of scotch. Prepared vanilla will be noted with various spicy pointers to enjoy on either to rock the exciting cocktail, Balvenie, and Kininvie are the packs where they will be given at Monkey Shoulder is crafted from not only one. Monkey Shoulder Triple Malt is one of the Best Whisky Brands in India.

Glenfiddich 12

Glenfiddich 12 is one of the biggest and famous players across globally fits and proud for the bests segment Best Whisky Brands in India. The world is most awarded malt scotch whiskey for the last family distilleries. Often make you enjoy this Glenfiddich 12 to clean and set mild plate. It feels the taste like fruity aroma and a sweet, creamy mouth feel.

Director's Special Whisky

Mixing with picked barley and malt will give a kick to the youngsters. Director's Special Whisky is the choice of scotch which is the best brand in India. TO taste the mature rich with whisky it will have an alcohol percentage of 42.8%. Hence it is available in world class bottles of 375, 750 and 1000 ml. It flavor leaves taste like with an impression to all where it happens across the path to be very delightful night by sipping and get your hands on touching Director's Special Whisky

Talisker 18

Are you willing to taste Talisker 18 tipple starts offevolved gently for the rich with the fruity aroma of toffee notes? Then why late look at the Talisker 18 to relish of your drink purpose. The primary experience with some even packs with a little bit of spicy kick of Talisker 18

Glenmorangie Nectar d’Or

It is the Masters of Malt!!. Glenmorangie Nectar d’Or offers a splendid rich taste of spicy it is mixed up with ginger, nutmeg lemon meringue and also with honeycomb with dessert-like flavors. It has well known a pack of sweet wine of growing up with a famous name vicinity of France to tribute the youngsters. And it is also one of the acclaimed best Scotch whisky brands in India

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