Firefly 2 Review: Reasons To Buy The Vaporizer

Well, not many of us are aware of the fact that Firefly holds the distinct honor of being the first portable convection vaporizer for the usage of marijuana. The brain behind this invention has recently come up with Firefly 2 vaporizer, which is exceptional. Wondering, why? The device work with both dry herb and wax. Not just that, there are many other reasons for its popularity. Want to know more? Let’s have a look at the review.


Well, looking at the price it may feel a bit heavy on your pocket. But, if you consider the amazing features of the vaporizer the price will make all sense. The device is a good pick if you make its comparison with the other high-end vaporizers available in the market.

Vapor quality

Talking about the vapor quality, you will surely be satisfied with the product. The device produces excellent flavor and maintains the level of smoothness. Not just that, the device is portable so you can comfortably carry it when traveling. What else you expect? Getting quality vapors on the go will make your vaping experience even better, isn’t it?

Time-taken for preparation

The device does wonders with relative ease. You can easily hold around 1 gram of dry herbs at a time and start your session. One great thing about the device is it hear the herbs in no time and help you get more flavors from your vaping. You can even operate the vaporizer using a mobile app. Sounds impressive, isn’t it? The technology and fast preparation make it one tough competitor in the market.

Is it convenient to carry around?

If you have ever tried Firefly original, you must be aware of the fact that it was not easy to carry the device. Considering the loopholes of the previous one, the new edition is 55 percent lighter, making it convenient to carry around. We can say, the makers have paid heed to the concerns of the customers, right?

Temperature and Heating Options

To match your taste and expectations, the device offers six temperature settings with the mobile app. The heating options are flexible and can easily set the right mood. You can say that the preferred setting using mobile phone makes the product a contemporary masterpiece in its field. Agreed?


The plus point of the device is its battery pack. You get two removable batteries with the product. So, no need to worry about the power supply, the battery is enough for longer vaping sessions. The battery usage depends on your temperature settings. Usually, an average session lasts around 25-50 draws, which is great!so, no more battery issues, enjoy your vaping sessions on the go.

Advantages of owning the Firefly 2 vaporizer

The vapor quality is unparalleled.
It can be easily maneuvered to last for either long or short periods.
The efficiency of the Firefly 2 is unmatchable.
With two removable batteries in the pack, you don’t have to worry about the supply all time.
The Vaporizer can be operated using a mobile app.
The device is lighter than the previous edition, making it excel in the portability department.

Considering the facts, we can say that Firefly 2 is a good pick. So, wait no more and grab your hands on the new device. You can easily buy Firefly 2 vaporizer on the Internet, just make sure you choose a reputed site like- To The Cloud Vapor Store. They offer a wide variety of options in the vaporizer. Not just that, they also provide ample vaporizer accessories. For any further information, you can visit their official website. Grab your favorite vaporizer now!

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