Follow 3 Steps To Activate E Aadhar Card

Follow 3 Steps To Activate E Aadhar Card

Aadhar card is now the most important official document that registers your name in every official purpose. Central Government now made it mandatory of linking Aadhar with your bank account numbers.Hence, it is now imperative for all of us to link and check if Aadhar is linked to bank accounts or not. E aadhar card is also valid and easy to register. Any person, irrespective of his or her age and gender, who is a resident in India and also satisfies the verification process as given by the Unique Identification Authority of India, will be eligible to apply for Aadhar card. NRIs and foreigners, living in India can apply for Aadhar card as well.

Many find it quite confusing to register and get their aadhar card done. But you are just a few steps away. The three steps that need to be done are aadhar enrolment which is registering your name to have your aadhar card done, aadhar updation which means verifying whether your name has been added to the list and finally aadhar card activation which is the last and finally step to ensure that you have received the aadhar card and now you are a registered member. The Aadhar Card Portal has come up with yet another very essential feature for public named as Aadhar Verification. Here anyone can check if the Aadhar Number generated for the resident is genuine or fake. This helps you in verifying whether the aadhar card you are possessing is active or inactive. The validity is proven very easily.

There are certain steps to check Aadhar card is active or inactive and they are quite easy to find and also helps in ensuring the validity and authenticity of your aadhar card.
You have to visit the Aadhar Verification page on Official Aadhar Card Portal by clicking the concerned link or website.

Once have visited the Aadhar Verification page, you will find text box where you will have to enter your Aadhar Number, you just have to enter your 12 digit UID Aadhar Number and fill the security code displayed in the image and click on verify button.

If the entered Aadhar Number is genuine and shows positive verification, on the very next page you will receive message where the Aadhar number 900XXXXXXXXX exists as well as it will display Age Band, Gender and State.

The above mentioned methods are the three steps that will help you verify the authenticity of your aadhar card number and you will get to know whether it is active or inactive. This verification is necessary to ensure that the Aadhar Card with 12-digit unique number has name, gender, age, state etc which is valid and active, which also gets displayed at the time of verification process. If this remains to be unverified, you will have to face problems further and will get to know that you are still not registered as an aadhar card member. You can also get e aadhar card download with aadhaar number on official website of UIDAI. Most interestingly, one can also make necessary changes in the information given on aadhar card. Aadhar is the unique identity in India that allows citizens to get many benefits offered by the government, access to government subsidies etc. Hence, verification for this is indeed very important. 

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