What Can You do During the Monsoon in Goa?

What Can You do During the Monsoon in Goa?

The monsoon happens to be the offseason time in the tourist state of Goa. Despite this, there are still a big number of tourists coming to visit these places. This can be attributed to the fact that monsoon makes for some great activities you can indulge in during your time in Goa. From treks to rafting, there is something for everyone. 

The state is known for its beaches and weather along with some of the best cuisines you can find in the country, but monsoon makes Goa a haven for adventure tourists, and they come down to partake in some river rafting and new age sports such as fly-boarding. Atlantis is a company that organizes some of the best activities in and around Goa. They have some of the most experienced and well-trained people working for them, who can provide you with a fulfilling and exciting experience. 

Here we take a look at two activities which are very popular during the monsoon and why you should come on over and enjoy them for yourself:


From a relaxing ride across the rivers to an exhilarating sprint down the rapids, you can take your pick based on your experience. The rafting expeditions mostly consist of navigating through the rapids, which have some very small waves and clearer channels, but there are routes with some turbulent water. For all your worries and concerns, you need not fret, for there are various safety precautions taken by the organizers prior to your trip. They make sure you are safe and sound during the whole trip, so you can focus on enjoying to the max.
Rafting is a sport done only during the monsoon months, so if you have always wanted to take part, come on down. You not only enjoy the raft but also witness a side of Goa not seen by many. There are also many other monsoon activities in Goa, which will make your trip worthwhile.


This sport is all the rage right now, and it is one meant for all the adrenaline junkies out there. It is a highly thrilling activity and is designed only for people above the ages of 13. For a good half an hour, you will get to feel like a superhero as you fly over the water using only the power of the jets. Atlantis team also takes a good number of safety precautions and ensures that you are well strapped in before you take off. It is an activity which is brand new and comes with the guarantee that it will blow your mind away. Atlantis is perhaps the first group to offer this in India, and you could be the first among your friends to experience this.
Now that Flyboarding in Goa is no longer a concept, you should make the most and come on down to enjoy this activity. All the while you can also lay back and enjoy a never before seen side of Goa. From adventure sports to calm treks, there is everything on offer during the rainy season. 

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