The Different Types Of Brain Tumors And Their Cures

The Different Types Of Brain Tumors And Their Cures

The brain is composed of various nerve cells and other support tissues such as meninges and glial cells. Activities like breathing, moving and other senses (sight and memory, thinking, emotions, etc.) are being controlled by them.

Primary brain tumor may either be malignant or benign which means they may contain cancer cells or maybe not. Brain tumors may occur to people at any age. Doctors and scientists have not been able to find out the real cause of such brain tumors.

Types of brain tumors
Normally when cells get old or damaged, they die. Formation of new cells takes place. At times, the entire process goes incorrect. The new cells are formed when the body does not require them and the old and damaged cells don’t die like they should. These extra cells forms a tissue mass. This growth is called a tumor.

The most common types among adults are:
  1. Astrocytoma: this tumor starts from glial cells that are star-shaped named astrocytes. Most often this tumor begins in the cerebrum of the brain. Astrocytoma can be at any grade. 
  1. Oligodendroglioma: this tumor arises in the cells that covers and protects the nerves. This also occurs in the cerebrum. It can be a grade II or III. It usually occurs in middle aged adults. 
  1. Meningioma: this tumor begins in the meninges. It is possible to be a grade I, II or III. However it is commonly at grade I, benign and grows slow.
The common types among children are
  1. Medulloblastoma: this is grade IV and arises in the cerebellum. This tumor is also called primitive neuroectodermal tumor. 
  1. Ependymoma: this tumor arises from the cells that line central canal of spinal cord or ventricles. It can be found in children or young adults and it is grade I, II or III. 
  1. Grade I or II astrocytoma: this tumor can occur in any part of the child’s brain. Most common astrocytoma amongst children is juvenile pilocytic astrocytoma and is grade I normally. 
  1. Brain stem glioma: this tumor arises in the lowest section of the brain. This can be a high grade or low grade. The most popular kind is diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma.

Treatments for brain tumor
Brain tumor can be treated with many options. Some of them are surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Many patients also get a combination of these treatments based on the criticality of the tumor.
The option of the treatment depends on:
  • The location of the tumor
  • The size of tumor
  • Type and grade of tumor
  • Age and health condition of the patient
For few types of tumors, the doctor requires to know if the cancer cells were located in cerebrospinal fluid.

This process uses drugs in order to kill the cancer cells and is also used for the treatment of brain tumors.
The drugs are given either by vein (intravenous) or by mouth. The drug travels through the body by entering into the bloodstream. You don’t have to get admitted to the hospital as the process takes less time. Some of the common side effects are fever, chills, loss of appetite, vomiting and nausea.
Chemotherapy can also be given by wafers put into the brain. For high grade glioma in adults, several wafers are implanted into the brain. Over a period of time the wafers get dissolved and the drug is released into the brain.

Radiation therapy
This process helps to kill the tumor cells with high energy protons, x-rays and gamma rays. Radiation therapy is usually followed by a surgery. There are two types of radiation therapy. One is internal and the other is external.
Several weeks of the treatment helps to protect the healthy cells in the body.

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