Top 5 Oldest Castles in Germany

The guided tours are only in German, so it is better to enter on your own and enjoyed. It’s like a trip to the past really, many rooms very well preserved and with dolls with which you get a better idea of ​​life at the time and visit most beautiful castles in Germany.
Castle of Hohenzollern

The origins of this castle are linked to the Hohenzollern Dynasty, one of the most powerful families that ruled Prussia and Brandenburg from the middle Ages to the First World War.
This castle, originally built in the eleventh century, has suffered several setbacks throughout its history, so a second castle was built and finally a third between 1846 and 1867.

This spectacular building receives more than 300,000 tourists a year, which is why it is considered one of the most important tourist and oldest Castles in Germany. If you decide to visit it, you can enjoy its spectacular architecture, as well as the valuable and numerous historical treasures it houses.

Castle of Burresheim

Beautiful Castles in Germany is built in the middle of beautiful mountains and crystal clear streams. Architecturally it can be considered as a brother of the castle Eltz and, like him, is one of the few German castles that has never been taken or destroyed, so it is considered an authentic gem of great historical value.

This castle is composed of several buildings, among which you can find the bell tower. Subsequently, between the twelfth and thirteenth century, new buildings were annexed.
It is currently open to the public; tourists can enjoy a large collection of the finest furnishings from the fifteenth to the nineteenth century, as well as paintings of the former owners and princes.

Palace of Sanssouci

The Sanssouci Palace is made up of a set of buildings that include the official summer palace of the King of Prussia, Frederick II the Great. Best Castles in Germany palace was built between 1745 and 1747 with the purpose of being the resting place of the king. The beautiful gardens are the ideal complement to this private villa of just 10 rooms.

After the end of World War II, the palace was opened to the public, becoming one of the main tourist attractions in Germany. This is also the best Weekend Getaways from Berlin, germany.

Horn burg Castle

This castle is used as a hotel and restaurant, attracting a large number of tourists who decide to spend quiet days in a different way. There are some museum stores and souvenirs. It must be said that his house of wine stands out, which is already spoken in 1184, its vineyards and, therefore, the production of wine in the area. Therefore in the castle, you can taste wines free of charge and, if you wish, buy them seven days a week from 9 in the morning. A curious detail to take into account is that all the wines or products of the castle shops can be ordered to be sent home without high costs, making it easier for you to return.

Schwerin Castle

One of oldest castles in Germany was built more than 1,000 years ago, with a circular style since it began as a Slavic castle. It is located in the lake of the city of Schwerin, in a peculiar island giving it an amazing image. Finally, between 1525 and 1575 it was reformed in such a way that it ceased to be a fort and became a palace since the parts of the castle that served as a defense were removed and ornaments and decorative elements were built.

In the interior of this one are collections of porcelain of infinite value, exactly of the porcelain of Meissen (exhibited in which it was the old quarter of infirmary of the children), in addition there are furniture and paintings of the nineteenth century of great value that is exhibited in the State Halls, located on the second floor of the castle. In 1560, it is worth noting that it was ordered to build what was the first Protestant church in the state. Today it is the seat of the Parliament of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

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