What Are the Benefits and Side Effects Of ivf?

IVF is pioneering in vitro fertilisation by Sir Robert Geoffrey Edwards and Patrick Steptoe in 1978. IVF help millions of people to become a parent. In today’s world, every couple wants to become a parent and proceed the generation forward. These all thoughts result in inventing reproductive technology to give birth; millions of babies. It helps those people who won’t able to conceive. IVF makes the pregnancy successful and healthy baby.

v  Advantages

Ø  Patients with a low ovarian reserve

IVF can be used to maximise the chance of the patients to conceive. There are many women with low ovarian reserve. The experts of IVF basically focus on the quality of eggs instead of focusing on the quantity of the eggs to conceive.


Polycystic ovary syndrome is a common problem faced by the people in which there is a hormone imbalance that leads to the irregular menstrual cycle. But IVF helps the patients with this polycystic ovary syndrome, who is not conceiving with ovulation indication.

Ø  Unexplained infertility

       There are couples, who suffer because of the fertility and sometimes these
remain undiagnosed, but these patients can be benefited from IVF and solve
all the issues related to the conceiving of women.

Ø  Male infertility

The couples with a male infertility problem can use the reproduction technique of IVF and in which there are higher chances of conceiving with IFV naturally.
They are having never of laboratory techniques include infra cytoplasmic sperm injection with the best ivf clinic in India.

v  Disadvantages

Ø  Unsuccessful IVF

The reproductive technique IVF can be unsuccessful also. In this patients have to undergo more than one cycle treatment and it also depends on women to women. It’s important for the patients to be realistic and hope for the chance of success.

Ø   Side effect

There are side effects IVC also which would affect the patients like severe ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome as a result this treatment protocol in which patients being never admitted to the hospital with the OHSS.

Ø  Multiple pregnancies

In IVF treatment, they put more than one in the uterus and that increases the chance of multiple pregnancies by 20-30 per cent, as a result, it carries risk to the health of the mother as well as to baby and that would also increase the chances.

·         Miscarriage
·         premature labour
·         Caesarean

                         It’s important that the fertility clinic puts only one embryo transfer because it
                         It decreases the risk of multiple pregnancies.

Ø  IVF treatment is expensive

This treatment is not cheap because it includes various blood tests and meditation, this cost up the money. It’s important to get a clear idea about the treatment cost because it requires a greater attention and to put single embryo in the patient uterus instead of two embryos in it.

The IVF treatment by best ivf doctor in india helps the single women and same sex Couples, to have a child and it’s a greater opportunity for helping them to become parents. IVF sperm donor can also help patients to give birth to a child through this technique. 

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