How can uploading links on facebook help my channel?

Social media is one of the biggest tools of today to broadcast yourself. Obviously, when you get into this world of social media, you do not just get there to have a time- pass, but you actually want to explore the world around you, get some virtual life.

When you decide to create a youtube channel that means you are ready to have a “virtual family” and not only ready, having a huge virtual family is a basic requirement if you want to youtubing as your career option. Earlier when social media platforms like facebook were not so much into use, it was difficult to create large virtual family, to get a lot of people to view your videos. Hence there were not a lot of subscribers to any youtube channel. But today, when we have platforms as facebook, we can actually make good use of it. We all know how a youtube channel works.

You first create channel, upload a video and then depending upon the number of views you:

  •       You get payment by youtube.
  •       Come in the “trending” page of youtube.
  •               Get top ranks in the search engine.
  •              Eventually develop your youtube channel as one of the good rated channels.

Now how do you develop a huge virtual family other than your existing YouTube family? Obviously, by using the help of social media platforms like Facebook (by using facebook linker youtube). All you need to do is link your YouTube with your facebook profile. It’s quite easy to do that, just make sure and remember every time you upload a video on YouTube you provide a link of your YouTube video on your facebook page as well so that your “friends “ there can also become your viewer. Keep the following points in mind while linking your facebook to youtube:

1.   Do not provide the link of your video in with the post of the video thumbnail.
2.  Provide the thumbnail in the comment section of your post so that video opens in “youtube screen” only.
3.  Create catchy thumbnails of your video which attract viewers to watch your video.
4.  Write appropriate and an amazing yet classic description of your videos that should include all the keywords of your video.

With such advance provisions like facebook linker make sure you are utilizing it fully. If you are an aspiring youtuber, keep these small points in mind of taking help of these features to keep the views on your videos alwaya high. Once you get into a place where youtube recognizes you as one of the good youtube creators, your decision of choosing youtube as a career is fulfilled. 

Just make sure to be consistent, create good content, have collaborations with other youtubers, add good music to your video and keep having small changes in your channel so that it does becomes monotonous and the viewers’ get bored. Cool changes can keep your channel have a life forever.

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