How to prepare for English Section of SBI PO 2019 Exam?

In SBI PO 2019 exam, the section of English Language has always played a very crucial role. English language is the most prominent language of international communication in every sphere of life. Therefore, in banking sector, a professional is supposed to be affluent in English and so every bank competitive exam considered this section to be very significant. In SBI PO, the section of English language principally tests the reading and grammatical skills and vocabulary usage of candidates through various topics. Despite sincere efforts, the aspirants should know the proper way to prepare this section.
In SBI PO 2019 exam, the important topics to be studied seriously are: - 
1. Reading Comprehension
2. Cloze Test
3. Phrase Rearrangement
4. Sentence Replacement
5. Spotting Errors/ Sentence Improvement/Correction
For preparing these above-mentioned topics, we should adopt an adequate strategy so that we can master them properly before the exam.
Let us discuss the strategy of practicing these topics in detail.   
1. Reading Comprehension
Among all the topics, this topic is considered to be most time-consuming and so we should learn to attempt this topic properly. Firstly, the aspirants should thoroughly go through the questions and passage because it will help them in locating the correct answer quickly. If you had read passage thoughtfully then you can easily solve vocabulary bases questions. After understanding the passage, you should attempt questions based on Synonyms and Antonyms in the last minutes. This section tests the reading skills of candidates and so you should always develop a habit of reading good English literature on daily basis and you may also get Top SBI PO Coaching Classes in Durgapur.

2. Cloze Test
In this topic, the questions are passage based where some words are omitted. To understand the topic properly, you should read the passage without filling the blanks. Thereafter, you should read the passage carefully with full understanding to identify the correct option from the given options for the answer. In case, you are still not able to get the correct answer then it is advisable to re-read the passage as each sentence is interconnected with each other. You should always take care of time taken to solve questions. It will both enhance your speed and accuracy.   

3. Phrase Replacement
In this section, it is advisable to read sentence watchfully and eliminate the doubtful parts which have grammatical errors. The students should understand the sentence and then they should try to solve it by giving a second reading to get the correct answer.

4. Sentence Rearrangement

In this section, the student’s should carefully read all the lines to understand the theme of the passage. Afterwards, they should choose for the sentence which is unique and then find the second sentence which will connect to give you the clarity of the topic and so on. The students should be watchful with sentences which start with pronouns and then arrange them according to the nouns which are related to them. After synchronizing the matter, it becomes easier for the students to get the accurate answer quickly. The last sentence should have the central theme of the passage with a concluding tone. After arranging them in proper order, you should check the continuity of the passage with respect to the topic in discussion.

5. Spotting Errors/ Sentence Improvement/Correction
In this topic, the questions are sentence based. The students should read the sentence first and then try to locate the grammatical error in it. It is essential to study the structure of the sentence and then eliminate the errors by looking into the given options or through SBI PO Test Series.
The students are advised to apply these strategies in preparing all these sections, as they are logically driven tactics prepared by learned experts. Your honestly driven efforts will definitely reap golden fruits for you in SBI PO 2019 exam.
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All the best!!!

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